PacMan Clone using S2D

Players take control of PacMan to collect as many pills as possible before they are captured by the infamous ghost or have used all three of their lives.



The aim was to create a PacMan-inspired clone using C++ and the S2D library as an introduction to graphical programming and game considerations. To complete this task a number of criteria had to be included which included screen management, collision detection and other game-related elements.

  • Animation System
  • Character Controller
  • Collision Detection
  • Multiple AI Behavours

Lessons Learned

This PacMan clone was created using Visual Studio with S2D included for a graded assignment and scored 99% according to the assignment marking scheme.

The importance of documentation, in particular planning of features and the description of how features are intend to function. An understanding of SDL, how SDL uses OpenGL to produce graphical effects and an appreciation of the graphics pipeline.

PacMan Clone using S2D